For Sale (Updated 5/02/16)

Homestead hogs for sale. Regestered American Guinea Hogs (AGH) and AGH / KUNE KUNE crosses.

All Breed stock – Guilts $100, Boars $100

Barrows (castrated males) $50, pigs up to 50 lbs.


Eva and piglets 3-15-2014


IMG-20141231-00236 IMG-20141231-00242


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Billy Jo Mark

1/2 mid-mini Jersey heifer and Black Baldy bull will be ready to wean this spring.

Bobbie Jo, 1/2 mid-mini Jersey heifer is SOLD. The little white faced bull is still available. Asking $500 for him.


New heifer calf born April 16 will be ready to go in August. $600  SOLD


Great Pyrenees / Anatolian Shepherd Puppies $100 each. See Blog  post for pictures.

When available we also sell free range chickens, turkeys, and eggs.