About Us

Most of my Air Force career Lisa and I dreamed of our forever home. We have always liked and had animals but because of the ever present possible move hanging over our head we didn’t have any farm type animals. It wasn’t until my last assignment in San Angelo Texas that we bought a few chickens.

After retiring from the Air Force in 2003 we moved back home to Beulah Alabama where we built our forever log home. We had a few chickens and goats but no real plan to do much more. Well, plans change. When the economy took a nose dive in 2008 I began to really look around and wonder about all the “what ifs” associated with an economic collapse or some other disruption of services.

Like most people I never really thought about the grocery store running out of food. I’ve learned that most stores only have about three days’ worth of food. That is under normal circumstances. I started following the “Prepper” sites and blogs but Prepping is only good for a short time because you still rely on the system to stock up and then to replenish your supply. Don’t get me wrong, everyone should have at least a few days of food, water and candles on hand but I was looking for something more long term and prepping wasn’t the answer. I started looking at homesteading and I liked everything I read. Allot of work, yes, but it is also sustainable once established. Another driving force for me was all the chemicals that are added to our food to enhance appearance, shelf life etc,…

So here we are in the process of building a homestead while holding down two full time jobs. I admit that some days I feel overwhelmed but I know that it will all be worth it in the end. Our livestock of choice are classed as miniatures with the exception of the goats. We raise registered American Guinea Hogs and KuneKune crosses, mini-dairy and mini-beef cattle. We also have chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. We are currently able to sell pigs, chickens, turkeys and eggs. As the homestead progresses we will be able to sell some calves as well.

Welcome to our homestead.

Any questions, comments or advice are always welcome.